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Does Sleeping Little make you more competitive ?

“If you want to be a Billionaire, Sleep as little as possible”.

It is true that many geniuses slept little. Many business sharks slept even less. But then, How long can one last without adequate sleep? Adequate sleep is the only good formula for long-term maximization of your productivity, whether work or creativity. Yes, probably may of the people sleep for three hours and get a good productivity, But, is a heart attack at 40 worth all the billions? No, Health as we say comes before everything else. Love yourself first to love your work.

Sleep better. Work Well. Be Healthy.

What is orthotics ?

A biomechanical assessment may indicate that you would benefit from wearing an orthotic. Orthotics are prescription insoles which stabilize the foot holding it in the ideal position. Repositioning the foot alters the angles at which the foot strikes the surface. Wearing orthotics can improve corns and calluses, ankle sprains and knee, hip and back pain.

What equipment you provide in Home Fitness ?

We are dealing in all type of home used exercise equipment from jumping rope to treadmill & Multi gyms. We are also offering few packages & it can be customized according to your needs & budget.

Can I get quotation & demonstrations ?

Yes you can get the quotation on your email i.d. or telephonic explanation on you mobile too. For demonstration one have to visit our showroom at Sakinaka Junction.

What is so exclusive about The Healthcare Pillow?

The pillow shop is an independent shop hosting 30+ varieties of medically approved pillows which in itself are a unique product line-up. We offer you the aqua-pillows, the memory foam pillows, orthopaedic pillows, medical pillows, cpap pillows, aromatherapy pillows, pregnancy pillows, baby/paediatric pillows, positioners, relaxation cushions/wedges/pillows & luxury pillows. They are the exclusive products with us . please visit Health care Pillow for further details.


Would we get professional advice while making a purchase of ergonomic range of products from The Posture & Ergonomic Shop? 


We have a dedicated team of medical & paramedical professionals comprising of homeopath, physiotherapists, bio-medical engineer, orthotists & prosthetists & Ergonomists. Our ergonomist & physiotherapist together would guide you through the range of products & the best pick for your need.


We also specializes in Office Ergonomic Corporate Training : Please visit The Posture & Ergonomic Shop and GIFT GALLERIA-Health Sutras for further information.


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